Gmail can be accessed with various devices which enables instant notifications and emails. Emails can be accessed offline and using the add-ons user can incorporate proper email management. Using email signature user can give a professional look to the sent messages. With proper email configuration Gmail can be accessed using various devices.

Whenever there is any problem in accessing the emails from Gmail account it might because of the reason of incorrect email configuration. Given below is the correct Gmail configuration. Check the email settings and set accordingly the correct settings.

SMTP Settings
SMTP Host – smtp.gmail.com
SMTP Port – 587
SSL Protocol – OFF
TLS Protocol – ON
SMTP Username – Gmail username
SMTP Password – Gmail password
POP3 Settings
POP3 Host – pop.gmail.com
POP3 Port – 995
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POP3 Username – Gmail username
POP3 Password – Gmail password
There are also various problems various syncing that can happen with the Gmail Android app. Now as the problem occurs with the Gmail app user will not be able to send emails, there will be problem also in receiving emails, updating the InboxFeature Articles, application is slow and error is also displayed as ‘Account not synced’.
Here are the basic troubleshooting steps to solve the problem –
Check the network connectivity. Without proper internet connection accessing the Gmail app will be difficult.
Make sure that the Airplane Mode is turned off in the device.
Also from above check the email settings for the access and transfer of emails.
Check the sync settings on the Android device. Gmail app might not be checking for the new mail depending upon the settings. Follow the correct steps to sync the emails –
Open the Gmail account and click on Menu.
Next touch ‘Settings’ and if the user have multiple Gmail account then choose the account for getting email.

Ensure to check the option ‘Sync Gmail’.